My spirit is still reaching

Sent in by Gloria

Having dismissed the former fairy tale

Now standing on my own

I find myself searching still

For a system of belief

Somewhere to direct my spirit

In connection with others

With souls of compassion, understanding,

Acceptance, and good will.

What I got from religion before

Was not the answers

To life's tough questions

Nor hope for eternal life,

I received connection, direction

For love and giving

Until the rules and condemnation

And exclusion of

So many good souls

Pushed me away.

It became harder and harder

To find a like-minded

"Christian" because I found

that I am not one at all.

But I do still have a need

To connect somewhere

Beyond myself

With mankind and life

And death and

Something universal,

Something much greater

Than myself.

And the Bible holds

No answers for me,

The church has grown cold,

Yet my spirit is still reaching

For me to find something

To give it direction

Beyond my own life


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