Simple as it Should Be

sent in by Jason

I just want to say that this is a great site!

I lost my faith in religion about a year ago. I was introduced to christianity at the age of 20 and became very passionate around the age of 22. I gave it all up at the age of 25 after dealing with a lot of questions / doubt. My deconversion was not easy, the healing process takes time. There is no substitute for time.

I am now 26 and back to MY LIFE. It's mine ALL mine. I love it. I am free to think as I please without any guilt. Life may be hard at times, but when it gets hard I just think about how crummy I felt at bible college with all of the questions and doubt.

I can honestly say there is nothing worse in this life than doubting who you are and what you believe in. For all those who are smart enough to leave, take the time to heal and get to know yourself. You can worry about deep philosophical issues later. Love yourself and strive to love others.


Joined: 20
Left: 25
Was: Southern Baptist
Now: Deist
Converted: For Meaning
De-converted: No Evidence!
email: jpepin2001 at yahoo dot com

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