Still struggling

sent in by Lynne Fisher


I am so glad to have found this site. I enjoy reading the postings. In my mind, I have dropped Christianity completely, and for good. The problem is I think it is ingrained in my personality. (Just for the record, I do see a shrink). My boss referred to me as "her holiness," and I am frequently told I am "too good" or "too Catholic." I'm afraid that religion made me feel I was morally superior, and therefore did not have to deal with social uneasiness. Again, I have rejected Christianity, but am having problems relating to people. I still am a kind person, I believe, but am very rigid. Any advice on what to do? I realize that psychology and religion overlap here. Any advice would be much appreciated. I guess you could say Christianity really fucked me up, hopefully not for good!


City: Rochester
State: NY
Country: United States
Became a Christian: 5
Ceased being a Christian: 26
Labels before: Catholic
Labels now: Agnostic
Why I joined: yearning for goodness
Why I left: clinical depression

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