Former Fundamental Preacher

by William F. Henness

I was "born again", when I was 20, in an Assembly of God church. I attended there for 7 years (all services). Then I joined a fundamental Baptist church in my home town and there I was licenced to preach. I taught adult S.S. classes and was a deacon for over 25 years. I pastored a Baptist church for over 2 years and filled pulpits in my home church and many others for some 27 years. I held services in nersing homes, had a tent meeting, etc. In my Bible studying I slowly discovered errors, contradictions and false prophecies over several years. Now, I am free from religion. I have written several books on the subject and have much that I can send anyone who askes for it at

I Became a Christian at age 20
I Ceased being a Chrisitan at about 60
I am from Colchester IL, USA
My past label was Baptist preacher and teacher.
My label now is Apostate.
Why I Joined Christianity? Childishness
Why I Left? Because of errors and contradictions in the Bible

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